Kiehl's Kiehls Body Fuel Wash (Various Sizes) - 250ml

Kiehl's Kiehls Body Fuel Wash (Various Sizes) - 250ml
Brand: Kiehl's Since 1851
Size: 250ml
22.45 EUR

Reinvigorate your body with Kiehl’s body wash, designed to wash away all impurities while nourishing the skin. It’s enriched with vitamins C and E and can efficiently dissolve oil build-ups, sweat and other impurities, leaving your body with a squeaky-clean finish that feels fresher. A versatile all-in-one formula, it’s suitable for not only your body, but your hair as well, making shower time that extra bit easier. Formulated using menthol, the body cleanser has a cooling effect on your skin and senses while zinc gets to work on soothing and purifying. After using the body wash, your skin will feel comforted and calmed, as this beneficial blend helps to restore a sense of balance. Caffeine is highly stimulating, meaning the formula can even target signs of dullness to promote a more radiant effect. Because of the cleanser’s ability to clarify, it’s incredibly effective at leaving your scalp free of product build-up and dirt too. Specially created with men in mind, it’s a must-have companion for your daily routine.